Gravel Camps

Picture this….

You and your mates.
Private, beautiful, and authentic accommodation.
Fresh, local and delicious Tasmanian produce. Boutique Tasmanian Adult Beverages. Unlimited kilometres of premium Tasmanian gravel.

Two Locals to show you the way.

Sound good?

Blue Derby Gravel Camp

Blue Derby, you’ve heard the whispers. The Mountain Biking paradise in the south, kilometres of single track through the Tassie wilderness, accessible from the doorstep of your accommodation.

Here is the secret: all the things that make Blue Derby a Mountain Biking utopia also apply to our local gravel roads.

With over 600kms of gravel roads in our local municipality, there is almost an infinite number of spectacular gravel routes we can explore and all are completely customisable to your group. 

Mind blowing scenic climbs, exhilarating descents, winding pastoral scenes, deep temperate rainforest, high button grass plains, waterfalls, historic mines, the Blue Derby Gravel Camps have it all.

Blue Derby Gravel Camps are about you and your groups needs. Usually running for 3 – 5 days we can tailor each day to the abilities and fitness of your group. Prices are dependant on the length of the camp, expect to pay around $1750 for a 3 day camp, and $2650 for a 5 day camp. The price includes:

  • Airport transfers ex. Launceston to Derby return
  • An additional nights accommodation before the tour
  • A support vehicle and riding guide
  • Accommodation and ALL meal costs, a small amount of alcohol is also provided complimentary.
  • Post ride platter/snacks
  • Refill water and electrolytes
  • Gels, bars, fruit, jerky. In short: fuel for the fire!
  • Spare tubes and basic repair support
  • First Aid and Emergency Response capability
  • Guidance and encouragement when the hills get steep

For more information please contact us to provide a tailored itinerary of routes and costings specific to your group.

Reach out for more information.